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We have a free Breakfast Offer

At Hob Green Primary School, we have a free Breakfast Offer. We believe it is important to provide a nutritious meal at the start of the day as well as a reliable childcare solution for parents that need it.

We recognise that the morning rush to leave the house can often be the most stressful part of the day for many parents of primary school children.

Our Breakfast Offer provides a safe, secure environment, where children can have a good breakfast alongside their friends. It is open to all pupils at school and is free to attend.

There is a wealth of research into the benefits of children having a good breakfast, including improved:

  • concentration
  • attendance and punctuality
  • emotional well-being, self-regulation and behaviour
  • attainment and achievement at school

Our teachers have also noted that a good breakfast has a real impact for all children and our Breakfast Offer ensures a happy start to the school day where children are able to socialise and enjoy the company of children of different ages.

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