Speech & Language Base

About us

Our Speech and Language Base provides specialist full-time provision for pupils from Year One to Year Six, who have severe and complex speech and receptive and expressive language needs. These are sometimes defined as Developmental Language Disorder (DLD).

The Base offers full time places and serves as a specialised provision. It provides pupils with an intensive immersion in speech and language therapy that is encompassed within a highly differentiated curriculum in order to meet the individual needs of pupils.

The environment is carefully structured to ensure it is a safe and communication friendly place to be.

What we offer

Our aim is to prepare pupils for life in mainstream education as soon as we feel it is appropriate for them. To support this aim, we expose pupils to as many mainstream curriculum opportunities as possible.

We achieve this by ensuring that the mainstream curriculum is delivered at a pitch that meets individual needs whilst also giving careful consideration to each pupil’s diverse speech and language difficulties. Learning experiences are highly differentiated with lots of visual and practical resources used to enhance and enable effective learning and progress to be made.

Pupil’s speech and language targets are embedded in learning activities throughout the school day. Liaison meetings between teaching staff and the Speech and Language Team (SALT) are held half-termly to ensure there is a consistent approach to helping pupils to make progress and plan next steps. Where staff feel it is appropriate, pupils are integrated into their mainstream classes for a variety of subjects. These can be either core or non-core subjects dependant on the pupil’s needs and abilities. In this way, pupils are exposed to the language and pace of a mainstream classroom supported by a member of the speech and language base if this is needed.

Who we see

Our Speech and Language Base works with pupils from Year One to Year Six, who present with severe and complex speech and language needs. Pupils will  have been referred by the highly specialist Speech and Language Therapists who work across the Borough.

In addition, pupils referred to us may have had a recent assessment by the Educational Psychology Service, where cognitive ability has dipped within the average range. This helps to ensure that the pupil is able to successfully engage with the mainstream curriculum offered.

Attending the Base

Following the referral and admissions process, pupils who are offered a place at the Speech and Language Base attend the setting full time and transfer to the roll of Hob Green Primary School. They become a fully included member of our school community and opportunities provided are equivalent to those offered to their mainstream peers.

More information about our Speech and Language Base can be found on the Dudley Metropolitan Council website via Dudley’s Local Offer. Please click the link to find out more: Speech and Language Centre (dudley.gov.uk)

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