Speech & Language Therapy

Our team work closely with

Dudley NHS Speech and Language Therapy Service.

We have an allocated therapist, who works with pupils in the Speech and Language Base. Our pupils receive a targeted offer from the Speech and Language Therapy Service. This is to ensure  the therapists work closely with our teaching team to ensure each pupil’s speech, language and communication needs are fully understood and reflected in our bespoke support offer.

The therapists carry out assessments to review progress, using this information to set targets that will be worked on by both the Speech and Language Therapy team and the teaching team. The Service uses a graduated approach, so assessments are continually used to inform next steps. Interventions from the Therapy team may change depending on assessed needs at a particular time.

The Therapy team and the Speech and Language Base teaching team work closely with parents to ensure they are well-informed and able to make an effective contribution to the understanding of their child’s needs, including how best to support them at home.

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