Pupil Voice

At Hob Green Primary School, our pupils have a voice and actively participate at all levels of school life

The basis for pupil voice is found in Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child which sets out the right of children to express an opinion and to be included in decisions that involve and affect them.

How do our pupils get involved?

At our School, pupil participation happens in a variety of ways. Some of these are:

  • as part of Assessment for Learning
  • by involving pupils in school self-evaluation and assessment
  • groups such as school council, eco-council, healthy schools
  • an active Children’s Safeguarding Board
  • fundraising, links with charities and with the wider community
  • Improvements to the school environment (e.g. school buildings, playground, toilets)
  • development of a whole-school environmental and sustainability plan
  • involvement with some staff recruitment
  • involvement with planning extra-curricular activities
  • consultation mechanisms such as surveys, suggestion boxes and circle time

What are the benefits of pupil participating?

We believe there are real benefits for pupils and school by including pupils in the decisions and matters that they care about and are important to them. These are:

  • improved pupil engagement and its impact on well-being, behaviour and learning
  • improved pupil to staff and pupil to pupil relationships
  • policy making is based on the needs and suggestions of pupils and is therefore more inclusive and effective
  • creating a fully inclusive school, where all pupils are encouraged and supported to contribute
  • increased opportunity for pupils to develop personal, social and communication skills

How do we consult with our pupils?

We consult with pupils and take account of their opinions and needs.

We have a wide range of initiatives we use to consult with pupils and take on board their opinions, experiences and needs. This includes such things as suggestion boxes, focus groups, school councils, assessment for learning, and whole-school consultations.

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